Sunday, 10 June 2018

Dear potential pilgrim!

This website contains information about the pilgrimage I am running to Israel and the Palestinian Territories in April 2019 - known to those who go on pilgrimages there as the "Holy Land".

I last led a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2013. As it is a place that is very special to me (I lived there for six months between school and university on my Gap year and have been back several times since) I recently felt a pull to return afresh.

McCabe are a fantastic company who use local guides with an excellent knowledge of the various sites we visit. The quality of the accommodation, the food, the travel arrangements and the itinerary is second to none. 

This trip is mainly aimed at committed Christians but last time we did have some on our trip who were not and yet who felt very much part of the group. You will though be present when Christian worship prayer times and  services are happening fairly frequently and so if you are not really happy with that it may not be the right tour group for you. 

If you are thinking of coming, would like to register an interest, or are definite, please email me at this point at and I will be in touch with you about how to book and so on. I can also answer any questions you have.

I am the team vicar of two team churches in Whitstable but if you are not from Whitstable it is still fine to come on this pilgrimage.

Look forward to hearing from you and please scroll down for prices and itinerary and other information


Yours sincerely
Rev Simon Tillotson

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